Your personal assistant

Keep it simple.


I am The Money -your personal finance assistent.

Becoming successful is never too late!

The main objective of The Money is to teach you to manage your finances so that you can reach financial welfare.

You stand to learn the basics of financial management. The system of financial goals will help you with it, and the system of financial states will indicate the criteria for you to lean to.

Simply. Conveniently. Clearly!

The app's navigation was thoroughly thought through – it is designed so that accessing all the info you need and doing all the actions you want only takes a couple of clicks.

The information is presented in a very concise and visual way – only the info you need. Each element has its purpose.

It will not be boring.

To bring some fun into your boring financial days, the app compiles a rating and has a system of achievements.
You will be able to see social statistics, and if your Assistant is in a good mood, they might share some financial wisdom with you.